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    Workstation Mount with keyboard tray

Workstation Mount

The Workstation Mount™ enables mounting an LCD flat-screen monitor and, optionally, a keyboard to a rear-delivery dental cart or wall-mounted unit. The mount attaches to the rear of the cart or unit, or other horizontal surface, with cables routed through a flexible conduit out of the way of equipment, pneumatic hoses, etc. The retractable keyboard tray sits above the cart providing easy access to instruments while avoiding contamination.

The monitor can be raised and tilted. The keyboard retracts when not needed and extends for ease of typing.

Side view of Workstation Mount WM1 Workstation Mount positioned towards the Assistant Workstation Mount on A-dec 545 Assistant's stationWorkstation Mount WM1

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Workstation Mount with keyboard tray

WM1 Workstation Mount with keyboard tray, complete with conduit and fittings

WM2 Workstation Mount without keyboard tray, complete with conduit and fittings

Designed to complement the Pendulum Mount™, the Workstation Mount™ is manufactured from machined aluminum with a clear anodized finish. Use with up to a 24" LCD monitor with an industry-standard VESA mounting plate.

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