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LM20 Large Monitor Wall Mount and MM10 Monitor Wall Mount shown in medical wall track

Monitor and Keyboard Wall Mounts

Place your monitors and keyboards where they will be easily accessible to operator and assistant, without interfering with dental treatment delivery, by using the ErgoMounts designed for walls and other vertical surfaces including cabinetry.

The stylish LM20, with its curved shield concealing power adapters and cables, is ideally suited for public spaces such as waiting rooms. It enables you to position monitors aesthetically away from corners, thereby enabling larger seated viewing areas.

The more compact MM and KM series of monitor and keyboard mounts provide full flexibility while minimizing intrusion into rooms and hallways. These mounts may be mounted in standard medical wall tracks and channels.

All Ergodontics wall mounts are precision engineered from machined aluminum with a clear anodized finish.

Workstation Mount without keyboard tray

Monitor Wall Mount

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MM10 Monitor Wall Mount MM10 - For use on any vertical surface or with standard medical wall tracks and channels, the MM10 provides one-handed tilt and rotation of VESA-standard LCD flat-panel displays.
MM11 Monitor Wall Mount MM11 - Same as MM10 with a single 6" extension arm, enabling monitor to swing out from a wall or cabinet.
MM12 Monitor Wall Mount MM12 - Same as MM10 with two 6" extension arms, providing articulated extension. Ideal for use inside niches or cabinets.

Large Monitor Wall Mount

LM20 Large Wall Monitor Mount

LM20 - Wall mount with curved shield plus shelf to conceal power adapters and cables from view. Designed to attach (through drywall) to wall studs 16" on center. Base has cutouts for standard junction boxes.

Keyboard Wall Mount

KM10 Keyboard Wall Mount KM10 - Using the same base as the MM10, this mount contains a keyboard tray that attaches to any vertical surface or standard medical wall track and channel. Keyboard tray rotates and tilts for comfortable typing angle.
KM11 Keyboard Wall Mount KM11 - Same as KM10 with a single 6" extension arm, enabling keyboard to swing out from a wall or cabinet.
KM12 Keyboard Wall Mount KM12 - Same as KM10 with two 6" extension arms, providing articulated extension. Arms fully retract under tray.

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